Thursday, July 13, 2006

Welcome to RooTube

3 min 50 sec

This is the promised interview with Yuko about her “Pon!” Birth Plan. I will call these cell phone videos of our baby daughter RooTube because although they are taken with Mobileman II, they aren’t really Keitai Cinema movies. I chose the name RooTube because I will be hosting them on YouTube and because Yuko sometimes reminds me of Kanga and that would mean that Grace is Roo. Which brings me to a question that never troubled me before . . . who the heck is Roo’s father? What happened to him? Someone should have forced A. A. Milne to explain himself on that one. Anyway, I’m using YouTube for RooTube because Google Video takes at least 24 hours to verify videos before allowing them to go live online whereas YouTube verifies first and asks questions later.

WARNING: This video is boring. If you don’t know us, don’t bother watching this video. It is extremely boring. This isn’t your baby, and what could be more boring then watching someone else’s baby, especially if you don't even know them? If you want to watch something interesting, go watch one of those "Barby Girl" lip syncing videos or something. They’re getting old, but they’re still not as boring as this baby video.