Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Aomori Living English Camp—Summer 2006

Far Left: Emi Kato and Dave Emery
A Special Blessing: We were going to be short staffed for English Camp because my parents didn’t have any short-term missionaries living with them this summer, but thankfully Dave Emery of tHE lIFE eMERY and Emi Kato of Emi-can (エミ缶) were visiting at the time and volunteered to fill the gap.

Dave took a small study group . . .
-Photo Courtesy of Emi Kato
. . . and Emi interpreted my father’s morning messages into Japanese in place of Yuko . . .

. . . who was quite busy.

The King and I, Word of Life Canada Version
-Photos Courtesy of Emi Kato
Dave and I used to work together at Word of Life Canada in Owen Sound where Dave was always on the program staff and I was always on the counselling staff. We hadn’t seen each other for several years, so it was really great to relive some or our great camp moments.

Other Camp Skits, Clockwise from Top Left: 1) Dave as a NYC cabdriver, 2) The Unprepared Camper skit (Sister #1 and her husband were the bikers who beat up Dave four separate times), 3) a skit about a class reunion trip to Hawaii, and 4) my own group's skit in which I got bitten by a poisonous habu (a snake native to Okinawa)
—Photos courtesy of Emi Kato

Song Time with my Mom

Elective Time . . . the “Play Board Games and Stuff” Option

Aomori Living English Camp, Summer 2006—Aomori Christian Centre (a.k.a. Moya Camp)

The first time my family went to Moya Camp I was four, so the place has a special place in my heart. When I was about six, my parents started helping out at English Camp (we called it English Seminar back then) and it became one of my favourite times of the year because a) everybody spoke English, b) there were other white people there (that was very special for me when I was six) and c) TEA TIME. I was only allowed two “biscuits”, but Curtis Olsen was younger than me and I would send him on secret cookie hunts from the safety of the stairwell. My nemesis was a middle-aged Australian aunty who would send Curty back to me with no cookies and an evil message. Now I am on staff and I can have all the cookies I want, but somehow I don’t seem to want them so much anymore.

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