Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back in the Office Again

Monkey Season Has Begun for the Kazamaura Board of Education

Dave and Emi are gone. Yuko’s father left this morning. Yuko’s mother is still with us, but for the most part we are forced to return to normal life. For me, that means back to “work.” On the bright side, while I still find it necessary to carry out the normal humdrum duties of an ALT such as training selected students for the English speech contest, summer vacation means that I am able to join the board of education’s anti-primate special operations unit as a kind of reservist. Standby for Keitai Cinema 003—Shimokita Monkey Wars Episode I: The Primate Menace and (KC-004) Episode II: The Revenge of the Simians. But it gets even better! Dave and I were not idle during Dave and Emi’s 43 hour visit to Shimokita, and Gaijin for Life is in the final stages of preparation for the international release of Keitai Cinema 002—Operation Bearwatch: The Movie.

My Favourite Educational Aid
Purpose and Usage: Educating monkeys in the fundamentals of proprietary etiquette, trespassing and how it relates to gardens, human-primate relations, and the hierarchy of species.

For background information on the Shimokita Monkey Wars, please refer to In Which I Am Almost Engaged in a Board of Education Special Op but Get Thwarted by the Monkey and Simian Wars in the Wakinosawa System.