Monday, September 25, 2006

A Brief Introduction to My Current Academic Endeavours, and Other Excuses for not Updating Lately

Busy Hitting the Books at My In-laws’ Place in Hokkaido

Now that I have lost all my readers (again) through gross negligence (again), I am finally getting around to giving an account of myself. Life is becoming busy. This is by no means a new experience for me, since I was extremely busy between the ages of 13 and 21, but I have grown rather soft in the years since then, not withstanding a hellish summer in 2002 at Gagetown, New Brunswick (my platoon commanders’ course). To be honest, Yuko bears the brunt of the labour involving our (not-so) newborn Grace but when it comes to my studies I’m on my own. This year I am not only taking the last of the CLAIR/JET Programme sponsored language courses available to me, namely, the Translation and Interpretation Course, but I have also begun my seminary studies online through Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto. Ironically, my first course as a Wycliffe (Anglican Church of Canada) seminarian is actually being offered by St. Augustine’s Seminary (Roman Catholic: Diocesan). As I wrote in my self-introduction during orientation week, I chose to take this particular course because:
“I have been encouraged by the stand I see being taken at the highest levels in the Catholic Church in this area of sexual morality at a time when many so-called mainline denominations are exchanging ‘the truth of God for a lie.’ My goal for this course is to build an intellectual and well-articulated framework for presenting and teaching Biblical doctrine on family, marriage, and sexuality.”
An added benefit of the course is the opportunity to learn firsthand Catholic doctrine and theology beyond the primary subject matter and in so doing to refresh my knowledge and understanding of all that was and is at stake in the history of the Protestant Reformation. I suppose that I ought also to be studying for Level 1 (the highest of 4 levels) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test I will be taking on 3 December, but I will simply have to depend on my Translation and Interpretation Course to adequately prepare me for it.

As to the other reason I have been too busy to update this blog or finish work on Monkey Wars Episode I, I will save it for the next update (but the photo below should serve as a hint).