Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Bunny, The Bunny, Oooh I Ate the Bunny! ♪♫

The Rabbit’s on the Fire, the Bear’s in the Pot (but why does this rabbit meat look like squid guts?)

We are sometimes invited to eat dinner at the Muraguchis. I have written about the Muraguchis quite a few times but most recently Mr. Muraguchi featured in Monkey Wars Episode I. Last night he phoned my keitai (the same one I use to film Keitai Cinema, none other than Mobileman II) and invited us over because he had received a gift of bear and rabbit meat from Akita. We went. The bear tasted fine. In fact, it didn’t really taste at all because it was in a stew. No one seemed too excited about the rabbit, though. I finally took the initiative and started grilling it while everyone was running around getting this and that. The rabbit began to char, but everyone studiously ignored it. When I was a kid my parents tried many ingenious ways to trick me into eating our rabbits because we had so many of them. And they had every right to do so since I was always going on about wanting to hunt and eat rabbits. But once faced with the reality of rabbit flesh, I always lost my appetite. So you can see what a great and magnanimous effort of mine it was to start eating the rabbit yesterday. But in spite of my best efforts to set a good example, no one followed my lead and we ended up grilling pork cutlets instead.