Monday, November 27, 2006


This chapter introduces the time that Grace saw Mt. Fuji (if she was paying attention) and discovered that she could fly. Also, I have decided that this photo should be the photo on which I should test the powers of Gimp. I propose to draw forth from the darkness a baby and a man looking at the airplane sitting in bright sunlight.

Unlike her mother, Grace seems to enjoy flying or, at the very least, to be indifferent to it. After coolly observing the ground recede as we took off (what else could she do? I was pressing her face against the window) she settled down for a quiet talk with the little blue thingy that the stewardesses gave her.

As we were flying to Osaka, we passed Mr. Fuji on the way.

Actually, this is what it really looked like when not viewed through our Handycam's optical zoom. Where's Fuji?