Monday, November 06, 2006

Harvest Time

A Garden with a View: Namely, the school Garden, a tree line, the Straits of Tsugaru and beyond, Hokkaido

I suppose it is time to update everyone on the ignominious history of my garden in its latter days. From my—was it sixteen?—earth mounds I gathered two gourds of the squash variety. They were both wormy. The corn was trampled by the beasts of the field and picked clean by the birds of the air. I am surprised that they bothered. There wasn’t much there to trample or pick at. I had given up on the beans early on, but one day the school’s cleaning lady brought me a little paper box that she had made out of newspaper inserts. It was full of what she claimed were my beans which she had found scattered over the face of the earth. I suspect that this worthy woman also hoed my garden for me, not discriminating between my rows and the school’s rows. I am embarrassed.

I was VERY embarrassed the day I discovered that someone had cleaned up for me the mess that was once my Three Sisters garden. It was, no doubt, the cleaning lady. I think she feels sorry for us since she often brings my wife vegetables from the school’s garden, and sometimes from her own. I am embarrassed.

On a happy note, my daikon patch turned out nicely. The cleaning lady probably kept it weeded for me. She also came and told my wife that I had done a good job on my daikon and that I should probably think about digging them up soon. I was embarrassed.

So I dug them up.