Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In Which I Perform a Successful Surgery On My Laptop and Thereby Complete “Phase Two”

Digging In

One of Averatec’s 3200 series’ weaknesses is a faulty power connector resulting from a sloppy step in their manufacturing process. After about a year and a half, most of them begin to suffer from a bad power connection. Unfortunately, this takes place right around the time that the battery wears out. The result is spontaneous shutdowns. I had been living with this problem for over half a year. On a number of occasions I began to take my laptop apart to see what the matter was, but I always gave up when I couldn’t pull the back cover off after removing all the screws (there’s another secret screw hidden under the keyboard). A few weeks ago, in desperation, I tried prying a something-or-other inside the what-chama-call-it a little outward so as to hold the doohickey that plugs into the laptop a little tighter. It improved things slightly, but I still needed to twist the doohickey around a little to get a connection and place the cord just so and be very careful not bump anything or else I would be looking at a dead screen before I could say “Averatec rots.” However, with the commencement of my "seasonal computer elective” I made a special effort to type “Averatec 3200 bad power connection” into Google and immediately came upon a thread in an Averatec owners’ forum that dealt precisely with the problems I was faced with. If you own an Averatec 3200 that is behaving in a similar fashion my blog is useless to you. Go here. It has photos and everything. It will show and tell you step by step how to take an Averatec 3200 apart and fix its power connector.

I Can’t Be a Fancy Sort of Nerd Who Does Cool Things Like Write Code and Customize Software, But I’m Thinking of Doing A Little Something On the Mechanical Side Like Cutting the Front Panel Where the Touch Pad Is and Putting Some Sort of Hinge On It and Drilling Holes in the Side to Expose the Latches So That I Can Lift It Up without Removing All the Screws

This is where the problem lies. In order to get to it, you have to take the entire laptop apart. There are three thingy-ma-jigs that should be soldered but aren't. I had never soldered anything before but I had watched my father do it when I was a kid. So I soldered the three thingys with the soldering iron I borrowed from him last time he came up to Kazamaura.

Success! My Power Connector Problem is Solved! I Forgot to Replace the Hidden Screw Under the Keyboard but, Oh Well . . . .

Incidentally I have also completed phases 1 & 3 of my “fourfold project” but since I am still in the tinkering stage with my Ubuntu and having difficulty with uploading photos to Blogger without them being tipped over on their sides, today’s post was compiled in and uploaded from Windows and does not include a screenshot of my new Ubuntu desktop.