Thursday, November 23, 2006

Screenshot of my Ubuntu Desktop

Today's photo is a screenshot of my desktop in Ubuntu because, unlike my cellphone photos, I can upload it to blogger right-side-up. I am eagerly anticipating that "the Gimp" will solve all of my cellphone photo woes here in Ubuntuland, but upon our initial introduction I discovered that Gimp is a formidable friend. It makes even a seemingly simple operation like rotating an image feel like learning calculus. Nevertheless, now that I am posting a successful blog entry from within Ubuntu, I feel that my migration from Windows is complete. Perhaps I will celebrate by popping in my GParted live CD and making my Windows partition a little smaller. And perhaps I will celebrate in that way with each new Ubuntu release. I just learned how to use GParted so I'm apt to abuse it in this way through overuse. And since I am an immature amateur who is totally new to Linux, there's a part of me that wants to shout out, "Hey, look at me everybody, I'm using Linux! Aren't I nerdy?!" However, since there appears to be no Ubuntu logo screensaver installed by default, and since I still haven't figured out Gimp well enough to superimpose an Ubuntu logo onto my desktop image (I did try) my dignity is being spared the consequences of such rash exhibitionism. Besides, nobody around here would notice anyway.