Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Meanwhile, In Osaka . . . .

Grace Being Taken Care of by a Few of the Five Mortimer Boys: Come to Think of It, Grace Almost Looks Like a Mortimer Boy Herself

The Japan Intercultural Academy of Municipalities (JIAM) is a typical social institution molded around fragmented and corporatized notions of humanity that tear individuals from the familial fabric of their beings and repackage them as discreet units labeled "doctor," "lawyer," "teacher," "civil servant," "Toyota employee" or some other indicator of their status as slave to corporate society. In other words, Yuko and Grace could not stay with me at JIAM because JIAM is only for civil servants selected to participate in training courses. This may seem perfectly reasonable to the vast majority of people in the industrialized world, but I am a Free Narnian and I hope to leave my government job and live safely someday under my own vine and under my own fig tree. In the mean time, I took my family to the house of my wife's friends in Osaka where they were cared for and enjoyed great fellowship.

Grace Entertaining the Mortimers' Next Door Neighbours