Tuesday, December 05, 2006

(Self-Assigned) Homework Submission


My assertion in a previous post that I felt my migration from Windows was complete proved to be grossly naive. The night before getting on the plane to Osaka I was up until four o'clock in the morning trying to figure out how to enable Japanese input. And I was up until three o'clock in the morning on almost every subsequent night trying to figure out how to install a Japanese dictionary "from source" as well as what Linux video editors to install and what codecs I need in order to move my Keitai Cinema operations to Ubuntu. One of the main problems I have had is software programs not installing or un-installing properly.

Screenshot Update

I have learned much (about computers and Linux, not Japanese and translating) and accomplished much, but I think by the time the next version of Ubuntu comes out that my current installation will be so broken that I will need to reformat my laptop and start from scratch. I would like to close this post, though, with a success story. As one can readily see, the photos in the last few posts are right side up. That means that I have solved the problem I discussed on 21 November (by using F-Spot Photo Viewer, not Gimp). Also, one can see from the above photo that I have (clumsily) fulfilled my pledge to "draw forth from the darkness a baby and a man looking at the airplane sitting in bright sunlight." When I opened the photo up in Gimp I saw a little wand in the tool bar. I clicked on the wand, "waved" it and said "Lumos!" and, presto! Well, I might have done a couple of other things as well, but my memory is a little blurred.