Sunday, February 11, 2007

And Now We are Thirty

Yuko Cooked Me a Steak Dinner for My Thirtieth Birthday (Yuko's Mother Travelled Home with Us from Our New Years Visit in Hokkaido in Order to Help Out, Since Grace was Sick with Fever)

Now I am thirty. I have reached a new phase of adultivity. I feel so much wiser than I did a few weeks ago when I was only twenty-nine. Of course, when I was ten, I dreamed that at the age of thirty I would be living in a spectacular tree house in a primeval forest, hunting food with a long rifle. Although I find myself living on the seashore, eating food from Maeda Store and fiddling with Linux in my spare time, and although Canada's draconian firearms laws (granted, they are nothing compared to Japan's) are about to deprive me of my firearms license as punishment for my long absence from Canada . . . I am content.

If Yuko hadn't married me, I probably would be living in a tree and wondering what the heck I was doing with my life. Praise the Lord that not all dreams come true.