Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Birthday Cookies for Yuko

Some people---a rare few---have a special gift for friendship. They never forget a birthday, always send letters, cards and emails at perfect moments, and frequently make long journeys for some face to face fellowship with friends. Lina has been such a friend to Yuko since our Bible institute days. This birthday Yuko received from her a surprise birthday basket of specially baked cookies and cakes with all of our names frosted onto them. Grace, having both a Japanese name and an English name, received a double portion of cookies, but in order to protect her from the sugar, I ate them.

Lina as a Bridesmaid at Our Wedding
(Conveniently Illuminated)
--Photo by Tom Gallione

Happy 31st Birthday!

Sadly, there are no nice restaurants or cafés near where we live, which is always a hard blow for Yuko when we celebrate special occasions. We need to travel at least forty-five minutes to reach the so-so restaurants and cafés of Mutsu, and two-and-a-half hours to reach the fairly decent ones in Aomori City. My goal for this year is to diligently study the art of organizing and throwing a proper birthday party at home, in preparation for Yuko's next birthday in the wilds of the Shimokita peninsula.