Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Canada Trip: The Condensed, Photos-Only Version Thrown Together by a Busy Person Who Has Been AWOL from Blog Duty

Jet Lag: Breakfast at 3:30 a.m.

Engaging in Friendly Banter with Great Grandpa Elliot and Big Bird

Sitting in the Seat of Honour, Next to the "Birthday Boy" (Happy 88th!)

Somehow, Grace Scored More Presents than Great Grandpa, Even Though it Wasn't Her Birthday

Being Forced to Pose on Grandpa Elliot's Childhood Kitty-Car on a Freezing Cold Day

Sitting on the Little Rocking Chair that was Made for Great Grandma Elliot by Her Father when She was a Baby

Grace Meets Second Cousin and Co-Great Grandchild Kayden

Some of the Good Folks from Grace Toronto Japanese Church (the church I attend when I am living in or visiting Toronto--Lord willing we will attend there when we temporarily move to Toronto in 2009)