Friday, June 15, 2007

Golden Week: A Six Week Retrospection (a.k.a. A Report on Now Ancient History)

Great Grandma Nakamura

Golden Week is the cluster of (Japanese) national holidays at the beginning of May, and we always spend it in Hokkaido with Yuko's folks. In the past Yuko and I would fit quite a bit of Sapporo city life into our visits but now, with three kids running around (including our niece and nephew), we spend most of our time hanging out in and around Yuko's parents' ki-no-shiro ("castle of wood") house. The last few years it has also become traditional for Yuko's brother and me to help my father-in-law plant oats in the back garden since Yuko's parents live in another town where her father works and they can't tend to their gardening properly.

Cousin Yua with Great Grandpa Nakamura
(who used to be a steam locomotive engineer with the old Japan National Railroad before he secretly switched to a desk job so that he could pursue his hobby of playing the violin)

Grace with Great Grandpa Nakamura

Grace Demonstrating that She is Not Interested in Petting Zoos (or Sheep in General)

Story Time with Grandma Takahashi
(I don't think Grace would even be sitting there if it weren't for the good example set by her older cousin, Souki)