Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our House Upon a Hill

Our House is on the Left

We live in a well ordered house on a well ordered hill, across the street from the junior high school. It is one of two teacher's residences owned by the board of education. If only they had been built sensibly, they would have both had living room windows overlooking the Tsugaru Strait with a beautiful view of Hokkaido and the sunrise. They were not built sensibly, though, so their are no windows with a view. We have one neighbour, but only on week days. He is the new principal. He spends his evenings making endless circuits around the driveway and weed infested parking lot with a weed-whacker, so it almost feels like we have a lawn. On the east side we are bordered by gardens and electrified monkey fences. On the west side is a ceder grove and an NTT cellular base station.

Our house is usually orderly on the inside as well, but we tend to have trouble keeping our shelf space apace with our book collection. Recently we purchased our eighth bookshelf and reorganized. For the moment, we're ahead of the game.

For the past few months Grace has been into "helping." When Yuko is shaking out the laundry and hanging it up to dry, Grace pulls an article out of the basket and flaps it up and down, too. When I am vacuuming, Grace follows me around, grabs the hose, and occasionally wraps the cord around herself. When we reorganized the shelves she policed the book-pile and flipped through pages looking for secret stashes of legal tender.

Taking Up Both Sides of the Bed