Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fashion Model for a Day

I Use this Photo as One of My kubuntu Desktop Images

Yuko is an avid reader of newspapers. She reads them from cover to cover. Knowing this, our local distributor gives Yuko leftover copies of the local Tonippo's evening edition even though we only subscribe to the nationally syndicated Asahi (the paper, not the beer). For about half a year now this special bonus has included Tonippo's monthly lifestyle magazine TOO Life. A regular feature in this magazine is a section called "Shining Room" (to translate it roughly). It's a "before and after" series sponsored by a hair salon in Aomori City. It encourages ordinary women readers who wear boring clothes and have unexciting hairstyles to apply. If selected, they get a free makeover. A photographer is on hand to record the transformation, and the resulting images are published together with a short bio of the "model" and the hairstylist's reflections on the experience. To make a long story short, Yuko emailed an application together with a couple of attached photos to prove how plain and simple her style is . . . and got accepted. If you can read Japanese or would just like to look at the pictures, click here for a peek at the August edition.

The Setting Chosen for Yuko's Transformation was the Hakkoda-maru, an old Aomori-Hokkaido renrakusen (railroad ferry)-turned-museum. If you look very closely, you can see Yuko and the photographer's crew on the compass platform above the bridge.

The Pampered Model

The hairstylist said that before her makeover Yuko had an "NHK style" about her. Clearly this was less than ideal. However, while Yuko's little foray into the modelling world was a fun day for the whole family, I think we will all be happy when she finally evolves back into an NHK lady. After all, we are at heart a plain and simple family.