Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Grace Goes Walking

Taking a Walk on the Street Outside Our House
(Seen on the Left)

Actually, Grace has been walking for about a month now, but I think this is the first time I've gotten around to mentioning it. This outdoor auto-mobility demonstrated by Grace in the photo above encouraged us to take a day trip down the Sai coast a couple of Saturdays ago.

Gankake-iwa, roughly translated "Prayer-post Rock"
(the idea is that people use padlocks to hang written prayers on a chain-link cage set up between the two rocky outcrops)
These twin "peaks" are also known as meoto-gake which roughly means "Married Couple Cliff."
(I use this photo as my desktop wallpaper on my laptop now)

Gankake-iwa is about half-an-hour's drive from where we live. It is across the street from a campsite called Kevin House complete with rental cabins, bbq pits and a little park. The rocky beach is great for having impromptu campfires and bannock roasts.

Grace Didn't Seem to Enjoy Her First Time at the "Beach"
(To be fair, I should point out that this water is freezing cold, and I would never dream of sticking my own toes ino it)

Hotokegaura (i.e. "Buddha Rock Cove", as seen from the road) about another half-hour's drive down the coast from gankake-iwa. This was one of the filming locations for Operation Bearwatch: The Movie.

Yuko and Grace at Hotokegarura
This is My New Wallpaper for My Cell Phone's (a.k.a. Mobileman II's) Display Panel

Grace Trying Out the Boardwalk at Hotokegaura

Nuidoishiyama (another filming location for Operation Bearwatch) as Seen from the Intersection at Fuku-ura
(Note the old-school grandma walking to her garden with a watering can tied to her belt and a Japanese hoe slung over her shoulder)

The Sai Coast
(On a clear day you can see both Hokkaido and the Tsugaru Peninsual, and all the ferry boats sailing between Hakodate and Aomori glimmering in the sparkling water)

Fisherman Washing Their Nets at Sunset
(using a fire hose)