Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh Yeah, Birthday Day 1

Something Has Come Up That Requires a Great Deal of Study on Grace's Part

I'm Not Sure If She Understands Yet the Full Implications of This Ultrasound

Birthday Day1 didn't make it into my birthday post because it was a Saturday and we had scheduled one of Yuko's regular maternity check-ups at St. Cecelia Ladies' Clinic for that day. It's a six hour round trip, so we postponed my birthday. It's still to early to know if we are expecting a boy or a girl, but we have a plan A and plan B in place for either eventuality.

Boy Plan A
English Name: Motoi Judah Elliot (will be known as Jude Elliot)
Japanese Name: エリオット基
Motoi means "foundation," and it is the first of two characters used to write "Christ" in kanji.

Boy Plan B
English Name: Hikari Josiah Elliot (will be known as Josiah Elliot)
Japanese Name: エリオット光
Hikari means "light." This name is more commonly read as Hikaru when used for boys, but we like Hikari better.

Girl Plan A
English Name: Mia Faith Elliot (will be known as Faith Elliot)
Japanese Name: エリオット美信(みあ--meaning "beautiful faith")

Girl Plan B
English Name: Lina Maria Elliot (will be known as Maria Elliot)
Japanese Name: エリオット凛愛(りな--meaning "dignified love")

Truth be told, none of these names have been very popular in any of the focus groups we have subjected them to, and the kanji readings for the two girls names are innovative and therefore wide open to criticism (though technically possible and backed by obscure historical precedence). Nevertheless, whichever three we don't use this time around will be back on the table for next time. We are stubborn with a sense of purpose.

Anyhoo, the tentative due date is 15 July, so if we're lucky maybe #2 will be born on Grace's birthday (12 July).

Grace gets bored easily during the daytime, and we've found (as no doubt countless other parents have before us) that having her assist Yuko in the kitchen helps to counter this whine-inducing tendency. The other day they made cookies together.

Which Cookie Do You Suppose Grace Made All by Herself?

"That's Mine, Thank You Very Much"

Interestingly, having helped mommy make the cookies, Grace has been extremely conscious of their presence in the house. (In case you were wondering what happened to our prejudice against refined cane sugar, these are bran cookies made with a modest quantity of raw sugar.)

Note: Grace has demonstrated a tendency to eat lumps of raw sugar when she thinks her mother isn't looking.

Grace's Birthday Present from Grandpa

My father made this rocking chair for Grace based on the design of a little rocking chair my Great Grandfather Pearson made for my grandmother. Grace actually tested out the original in Canada last spring (see our trip to Canada), and now she has her own. The outfit Grace is wearing in this slide show is from Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Elliot.

Puzzle of the DayWhat is this a photo of? Answer to be posted in next blog entry.