Friday, February 01, 2008

Obsessed with CloudBook

The other day my father asked me a valid question, which was whether Everex or ZaReason was going to issue me some leprechaun hands to go with the leprechaun-size laptop they are selling me. Well, being an impatient future owner of a CloudBook, I have been visiting at least once a day even though I know perfectly well that the new release date for the CloudBook is set for no sooner than 15 February. Fortunately, ZaReason clearly understands the psychology of obsessive customers like me. Everyday they issue a new CloudBook update in their side-bar with tantalizing little tid-bits about things like how one of their guys already has one and it's really, really awesome. So this is the message they posted on 30 January, and I think it pretty much settles the issue raised by my father--at least for obsessive CloudBook customers like myself:

Size of the keyboard

We had one user email in asking if he would have a learning curve for his fairly large fingers as he began typing on his Cloudbook. We had several larger-than-average testers try it and while there was a brief few minutes of acclimation, the experience of typing on the Cloudbook keyboard was quite comfortable.

Note that we measured the board at 83% the size of the standard laptop keyboard. It's the perfect balancing point -- not significant enough to slow down typing, but enough to make it far more portable than a full bulky keyboard.

Clearly, people who can distinguish between the words "acclamation" and "acclimation" and even use the latter one correctly in a sentence can be trusted to sell me a really awesome ultra-portable laptop that comes preloaded with Linux. You can read the rest of their daily CloudBook update log here.

And here is a video review of the Easynote XS UMPC subnotebook which is basically a CloudBook that is made by a different company and which comes loaded with Windows instead of the Linux gOS: