Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dress Warm, It's Winter!

Grace Modeling the Knit Wool Jumper that Her Great-(in-more-ways-than-one)-Aunt Jan Made for Her Birthday

When Grace was born, I was there . . . with a video camera. I held Yuko's hand in my left, and filmed the happy occasion with my right (from carefully considered angles, of course). Then I took a bunch of pictures. Hardly a week has gone by since in which Grace hasn't been photographed, and perhaps that is why she can't look a camera in the lens without posing.

Pose 1

Pose 2 ("We're still doing rocking chair photos, right Da[d]?")

Pose 3 (The Casual "This isn't a pose" pose)

I'm not sure what the fashions are in North America right now, so I will point out here that pants worn under short dresses are all the rage for little girls in Japanese kindergartens.

Pose 4
(Grace: "Okay Da[d], now give me the camera and let me take your picture."

Dad: "Just a minute Grace, daddy will go put on his Mouseketeer uniform to make it a worthwhile photo . . . which reminds me, I haven't checked those mouse traps IN OVER FOUR DAYS!")

Many thanks for the jumper, Great-Aunt Jan!