Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Formal Inventory

The family man, as a husband and father, has many responsibilities resting on his head. Not least among these is the care and protection of the family Legos. I know our Lego. I know exactly how many of which colour of which piece we have, and should any of them be missing when I lovingly place them in their Lego box for the night, I will know.

Grace's First True Lego Creation
(as opposed to a mere stack of bricks)

The most difficult thing about managing Lego is sharing. For example, let us say that I want to use all ten red 2 × 4 bricks in a bridge I am constructing. Chances are that Grace will decide that she wants to use red 2 × 4s too. Chances are even greater that she will knock down my Lego bridge for her own amusement before I even have a chance to lay the third red brick, let alone the tenth one. What is one to do?

Closeup of Grace's First Real Lego Creation