Sunday, February 03, 2008

Who's the Baby?

Nobody knows. Yesterday, during its monthly photo-op, Baby #2 kept its back to us the whole time so we don't know yet whether we're looking at Jude or Faith.

Well, actually we were treated to a side view as well, but that wasn't much help either for purposes of gender ID. It would seem we were interrupting his/her midday prayers.

"What's all this, What's all this?!"
If only you knew, Grace, if only you knew. This is the (ultra)sound of your life changing . . . for the better, of course.

Soon you'll have somebody to play with.

Besides mommy and daddy, that is. Will the new baby like playing with Lego as much as daddy does? Usually, I spend my Lego time researching the perfect balance between efficiency and structural integrity in designing towers. Today, though, I was feeling reckless. The sky-pod three quarters of the way up is actually a separate unit and the only thing holding it in place is friction. My plan was to build a space elevator, not the CN Tower. (And yes, for those of you who were wondering, this experiment ended with the sky-pod crashing into Grace's head as soon as she began probing its defenses. . . just as one should expect when an eighteen-month-old and a Lego space elevator share a room).