Thursday, March 20, 2008

Secret Garden 2007 Part III: The End

Or so said Robert Frost. According to my sources the world as we know it will unquestionably end in fire, but my Secret Garden 2007 perished in ice--thanks to an early cold spell starting 19 November.

I kept wondering aloud when I should harvest my daikon, and my green-thumbed neighbours (of "My Neighbours' Corn" fame, references here and here) kept telling me "Wait for it . . . " "Wait for it . . . " and I waited for it--and we all lost our daikon.

Close-up of a Cold Daikon

Technically these were still edible, but the window of opportunity was too narrow. I followed my neighbour's advice and individually wrapped each one in newspaper for storage, but they all spoiled within a month or two anyway. They have become fertilizer for this year's daikon.