Thursday, March 20, 2008

Secret Garden 2007 Part I: A Dream Is Born

Before this blog entered its period of cyber silence following the mushroom incident, I shared my new vision for working my own land through an apple-box gardening scheme. However, after clearing away the freshly mowed weeds from a neglected corner of the board of education property we live on, I got an itch to take a shovel and hoe to it. In essence, I was motivated to go back to moonlighting as a peasant, but this time through an unsanctioned squatter-gardening project.

After all, my apple box farm was going nowhere . . .

. . . with the exception of my store-bought basil plants.

So I developed an action plan in which I would discretely dig apple box-sized holes one at a time and backfill them with the precious contents of my apple boxes (i.e. a dirty cocktail of black soil and compost).

I would use the rocks unearthed in the process to build borders for my new little "flowerbeds".

I worked early mornings, before breakfast, and strategically positioned my apple box collection so as to block the view from teachers driving past on their way to the junior high school. The idea was that perfectly formed "flowerbeds" would suddenly and inconspicuously start popping into existence one at a time in the hidden corner behind the fire hydrant.

Of course, we couldn't keep the crows from finding out that we had started hiding our compost under the weed cuttings I had piled up between the wind fence and the "retired" telephone pole (lying on its side behind the fire hydrant). Eventually I moved the weed pile to a remote location at the back of the property behind the principle's house and used the space for a stone pile instead.