Friday, March 21, 2008

"The Night of the Abominable Snowplough" or "What in Tarnation Happened to My Lawn?"

My Recently Declassified "Secret Garden"

If my memory serves me correctly, our local snowplough has, in previous winters, caused only minimal damage to our "yard". I'm not sure what the deal was this year but, as these photos demonstrate, the era of benevolent snow ploughing seems to be over in our neighbourhood. The place looks like it was landscaped by Orcs.

My Precious Playing Area for Backyard Croquet

On the Side Facing the Road

My Playing Field in Greener Days
(Last August)

The Other, Other Sport of Kings

Although it's difficult to tell from a distance in early spring, the property we live on is actually quite jungly at the micro level.

Like so . . .

. . . and so. Especially ever since the school janitor started driving the daycare bus and became too busy to tend to the yard work of the teacher housing developments. But one day, the junior high principle who lives next door suddenly began attacking the weed jungle with a weed whacker. He continued to attack it all day until . . .

. . . our front yard looked like a freshly mowed hayfield. I took it upon myself to gather up and dispose of the "hay", partly because I thought it was the least I could do to show my appreciation for and competitive spirit toward the principle's hard labour, and partly because I realized that nobody else was going to do it. Actually, I felt so bad watching the principle diligently trimming the whole field with a weed whacker (a task roughly equivalent to eating soup with a teaspoon) that I borrowed an American style lawnmower from the Aomori Christian Centre and took over lawn mowing duty for the summer. I think this interference on my part may have disappointed the principle, because he moved his weed whacking operation across the street and began tending to trimming the sidewalk that runs around the perimeter of the school grounds. I don't blame him. Weed whacking is wonderfully therapeutic.

Raked Hay Waiting to be Transported to My New Mulch Storage Facility

I gathered all of the cut grass into a giant pile out behind the principle's house, and hopefully it will make great mulch this spring.