Sunday, March 23, 2008

Welcome to Japan! A Visit from Aunt Mary and Uncle Paul

Go on, click the arrow in the centre of the slide show display area. Don't pretend that the slide show wasn't over before you figured out what was going on.
So What Do You Do When You Take a Whole Bunch of Group Photos and Not a Single One Turned Out Nicely? You Make a Slide Show.

It's not often that relatives can make it all the way over to Japan to visit the Elliot Clan of Aomori, so we really enjoyed and appreciated the time that Uncle Paul and Aunt Mary (my father's eldest sister) could spend with us in our native environment. Since they lost their camera in Kyoto (note to travellers: don't go to Kyoto, bad things are waiting to happen to you there--come to Aomori instead, where civilization is young and the tourists are few), so they asked us to share all the photos we took during their visit to northern Japan.

Unfortunately, I only took two pictures, and one of them wasn't that great.

Cousins at Play:
Sister #1 and Cousin W-1 (a.k.a. Anna and Erin) Came Down to My Parents' Place As Well

Grace Showing Baba that She Can Read Now