Monday, March 10, 2008

What Happened to YouTube Remixer?

I was planning to combine this video . . .

. . . with this video using YouTube Remixer as a test to see whether Remixer is up to the task of becoming the main video editing tool for the producers of Keitai Cinema and RooTube. Unfortunately, this online editing tool seemed to be out of service today. I hope that's just temporary, because I'm trying to move all of my video producing operations--including all of my video files stored on my external hard drive--into "the cloud" courtesy of YouTube. Doing so seems to be my only option since I'm currently stuck using a seven-year-old Mac with only a couple of GBs hard drive space left, and all of my keitai video files are in an obscure Microsoft ASF file format. My Windows Movie Maker days are over, and I need to look for new ways and means of maintaining my status as a bottom feeder in the vlogging food chain. If this venture proves successful, I will finally make good on my promise to produce Monkey Wars Episode 2: The Attack of the Clerks.

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