Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When the Principal's Away the ALTs Will Play, or, "Now You Know What We Did Last Weekend"

Putting in Sod Inserts (Expropriated from the Junior High School's Decayed and Overgrown Grass Pile)
(I also plan to knock down those "plants" behind the fence in order to enhance the view of Hokkaido and the Tsugaru Strait)

We have one neighbour--the principal who "lives" in the principal's residence next door. He goes home to his real house in Mutsu most weekends, and that is when I wander over to his side of the property and ponder ways of "improving" it. This year my goal is to reclaim an overgrown corner tucked away behind the principal's house and the cell phone relay tower. It is a beautiful spot (as long as you keep your back facing the tower) overlooking the sea, with a magnificent view of Hokkaido. Facing the sea, there is a cedar grove to the left and lawn to the right. It is enclosed on three sides by a wire mesh fence, so is should be a good place for Grace to play and for our family to hang out on sunny weekends.

. . . As Usual I Failed to Get a "Before" Photo

But This Should Give a Fair Indication of How Much Brush and Undergrowth I Cleared

Will This Someday Become a Beautiful, Shaded Lawn Good for Barbecues and Croquet?

The Barbecue: I Took All the Exposed Stones and Made a Fire Pit with Them

Viewed from the Other Side
With the Backside of the Principal's Residence in the Foreground and the School Gymnasium Visible in the Distance

We Also Ate Some Freshness Burgers with Baaba in Aomori City