Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dated Garden Update

This is what my unauthorized garden looked like in April. This year I dug up a much bigger swath of ground in the shape of an L to a depth of about 20cm. It was labour intensive to say the least since the ratio of rocks to soil by volume was about one to one. I piled most of the rocks behind the log bordering the bottom of the L but used the biggest ones to beef up the fire pit I made in my new clearing (featured in the previous two posts).

Someone Else's Garden in April
(This is the view from our dining room, but taken from a different angle)

Last year I retired Stinky, the store-bought composter, in favour of an elaborate apple box construction of my own. That apple box jumbo composter is what you saw burning in the previous post. This year, I have replaced it with a single upturned apple box embedded in my newly tilled garden plot--a stealth composter.

Closeup of the Stealth Composter

I have since removed the middle board all together and now use a heavy duty plastic apple box weighted with rocks as the lid. A lid is necessary to keep out the local crows, cats, tanuki, foxes and bears (okay, it wouldn't stop the bears, but . . . ).