Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quarterly Update On My Clearing

Yuko's Father Contributes to the Cause During a Visit to Kazamaura

Well, okay, this update will actually only bring us up to the end of April. The more recent photos of the fruit of my labour are all in the memory card of our other camera which is currently residing in Aomori City with Yuko (where she is awaiting the debut of our second daughter).

Grace Helped Out With the Clearing . . .

. . . While Daddy Tested It for "Enjoyability"

Before Burning the Brush Pile

The View at Sunrise

After Burning the Brush Pile
Liberating the Fence from Overgrowth Has Been Particularly Problematic

There Are Still (Now, In Mid-July) Chunks of Tree Embeded In the Wire Mesh