Sunday, August 03, 2008

Putting My New Backyard to Work

Anna, Jun and Erin Watanabe

Over the weekend we (our family of four plus Yuko's mother) were joined by Yuko's father and by Sister #1 and her family. In practical terms, this meant a perfect opportunity for me to show off my new backyard campground and barbecue pit.

This photo (capturing the moment after the last of the beef, pork ribs, lamb and chicken were all consumed) manages to make my efforts look like a spectacular success. Sadly, the truth is that it was taken during a break in the clouds.

This photo is also deceptive, in that it attributes a blueish tint to what was in truth a dark, grey, gloomy sky . . .

. . . raining on our fun.

By nightfall it was raining so hard that we gave up on the idea of sleeping in the tent. All nine of us ended up sharing the floor space in our house.

The Morning After Everyone Left
The morning after everyone left, dawn smiled benevolently upon my abandoned campground.

The awabi boats bobbed merrily in the early morning sunshine as Hokkaido emerged from the haze.

Facing the other direction, our house and front yard were framed by blue skies.