Sunday, October 19, 2008

Radio Taiso Before Breakfast

Every morning before breakfast we obediently submit to the instructions delivered in this video.

Like So . . . Although We Don't Seem to Be Very Coordinated about It

And Grace Sometimes Slacks Off . . . Slacker!

Usually She Puts Her Back Into It, But I Guess the Presence of a Camera Was Too Distracting

When I was a healthy little school kid in Japan I thought rajio taiso was pretty silly because it really didn't seem like much of a work out. Some people would say that it was never meant to be a work out--that it's primary purpose was to nurture herd behaviour and group think. Be that as it may, now that I'm a thirty-something ojisan, doing rajio taiso 1 & 2 makes my body crackle and creek like a barn on a windy day.

Faith Doesn't Do Radio Taiso Yet, But She's Getting Bigger