Friday, October 17, 2008

Visit to Hokkaido Jiji and Hokkaido Baba (as Opposed to Aji-Jiji and Aji-Baba Whom We See More Often)

Grace Loves Grapes, and Jiji Has Some Grape Vines

Enjoying Hokkaido Jiji's Roses

Enjoying a Late Night Barbecue
with Cousin Souki and Cousin Yua

Faith Meets Double-Baba
(a.k.a. Great Grandma Nakamura)

This Was the First Time that the Cousins Were Old Enough to Play Together in Reasonable Ways

Showing off Their Ponytails
(I Have a Question: is it correct to say "wearing her hair in two ponytails," or is there a special term for two ponytails?)

Meeting the Cows at Satoland (さとランド)

Quadricylce Ride

Cousin Yua is Going to Be a Big Sister Soon, so She Was Very Interested in Faith

Family Photo
(first one in a very long time)