Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MAP: Protestant Churches in Aomori(青森県のプロテスタント教会)地図・マップ

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There have been a number of projects taking up my free time lately. One of them is our bureaucratic marathon to get my wife's Canadian permanent residence visa. I will probably write a series of detailed posts on that, as it is probably of interest to people in situations similar to ours. Another project has been this google map of Protestant churches in Aomori Prefecture. My goal, of course, has been to account for all of them but I am sure that I have missed a few "yellow pin" churches. I originally began the project for Aomori JETs in JET Christian Fellowship since the JCF homepage's list of Aomori churches seemed to be pretty incomplete. I didn't realize just HOW incomplete, though, until I started looking up churches. This project has been very educational for me.

Anyway, a few administrative details . . . . I have tried to make this map as bilingual as possible. However, I haven't figured out an efficient way to indicate on the sidebar which churches have English services, English speaking pastors or missionaries, and/or language assistance for English speakers. That information must be obtained by clicking on individual pins. Clicking on a pin will bring up a bubble in which I have entered as much pertinent information as I could gather on the church it represents. Ideally this will include a photo of the building, the church's name and the denomination to which it belongs, links to the church's homepage (if it has one) and to the homepage of the denomination (if it has one), and the names of the pastors or missionaries who minister there.

My intention is to keep updating this map indefinitely. Hopefully it will be of use to others as well as to myself but, if not, at least the project will keep me well informed as to who and what is out there.

A final note: I should point out that there are churches on this map that, on the basis of my own theological convictions, I would never recommend to anyone. However, I hope that I have been able to provide enough information that people using this map will be able to make informed judgements of their own.