Monday, March 16, 2009

Much Ado (or Perhaps Not) in March

Lately Grace has been enjoying the Genki English CDs that I use for my classes at elementary schools. One of our favourite Genki English songs is "What Are You Doing?" I have know idea what the proper response to that question would be for Grace in the context of this photo. Perhaps she does. I'll have to ask her tomorrow. (I won't bother asking Faith since she is still more of a direct object than a verb in this relationship).

Tea Party with Baaba and Aunti Me-me

Grace Falling Asleep at the Dinner Table . . . Again.
(But whenever we give her a nap, we have trouble putting her to bed at 7:00)

This is Grace Playing "Blue Car"

"Blue Car" is our real car. It is a blue Toyota Vitz. Now, as I am not often around to observe Grace's day time activities I have had to consult my wife concerning technical information about this photo. Apparently Grace is driving. I don't know why she has the cart before the horse, but perhaps it is for the same reason that she puts her boots on the wrong feet. If you observe closely you will see some plastic rings under Kuma-don's rocking chair and a wooden boat under my (yes, my) rocking horse. Those are things that Grace has put in the "trunk" for the trip. She didn't say where she was going so we will have to train her to do so before we get her a bicycle.

Dressed Up for Girls' Day